Unit 2

UNIT 2 | Integrate: DECA in Your Classroom

2.1 DECA Competition

Advisor Updates

Choose Your Competitive Event

Exam Prep

Rock the Role Play Workshop

Rock the Role Play [PowerPoint]

Rock the Role Play [Speakers Notes]

Rock the Role Play [HRM Sample Role Play]

Rock the Role Play [HRM Presentation Video]

DECA Inc. Sample Role Play Videos

DECA Inc. Sample Role Play Events 2019

Project Management Event Resources

Personal Financial Literacy Resources

Entrepreneurship Written Event Resources

Written Event Tips

General Tips for Student Competition Prep

Competition Articles from DECA Direct

Shop DECA Competition Resources

2.2 Leadership Tools and Training

One Day Chapter Officer Retreat [Resource Kit]

Articles on Leadership

2.3 Curriculum Integration

DECA Supports Crosswalks and Curriculum

Project Management In The Classroom

Project Management Framework Overview [Print Out for Video #1]

Project Management Framework Templates [Print Out for Videos #2-#5]

Project Management Video #1 [What is Project Management] 13:18

Project Management Video #2 [Initiating Process] 5:04

Project Management Video #3 [Planning Process] 5:17

Project Management Video #4 [Execute, Monitor and Control Processes] 2:59

Project Management Video #5 [Close and Celebrate] 6:32

Role Play 101 [Classroom Activity]

Professional Selling and Consulting Events [Classroom Activity]

Integrated Marketing Campaigns [Classroom Activity]

Business Operations Research 2019-2020 [Classroom Activity]

Elevator Pitch [Classroom Activity]

Chapter Campaigns [Campaign Guidelines]

Global Entrepreneurship Week Campaign [Classroom Activity]

Promotion Campaign [Classroom Activity]

SBE Resources

School Based Enterprise | Video Series Using the SBE Guide

Online Challenges and Competitions

Virtual Business Online Competitions

Stock Market Game Resources

2.4 Instructional Resources

Marketing Information Management | Instructional Area | BOR Event

2.5 Career Development

Make the Most of LinkedIn [Classroom Activity]

Career Exploration Unit Resources


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