Unit 1

UNIT 1 | Initiate: DECA at Your School

1.1 School Support

Counselor Presentation

Administrators Presentation

1.2 Educators

Activate Your Chapter

Excite Your Students

Chapter Advisor Responsibilities and Duties

Scheduling Documents

Membership Information

Handle Your Chapter's Finances

Grow Your Program

Marketing Marketing Project [Resource Kit]

1.3 Students

Social Media Resources


1.4 Branding Guidelines

1.5 Leadership Team

Run for Chapter Office [Resource Kit]

1.6 Program of Leadership

Chapter Management Tools/Resources

Fundraising Ideas

Plan an Event - Chapter Level [Resource Kit]


Teach DECA is a resource for all your DECA chapter needs! Gain access to helpful tutorials, download template resources for the classroom, attend interactive webinars tailored for advisors, and more. Our Chapter Support Team is also available to meet with you for one-on-one virtual coaching sessions.