State Conference Update #5

State Conference Update #5


Please find below and attached several important updates regarding the State Conference. It’s hard to believe it is almost here!

Judges Needed

We still need another 20 judges for Saturday and 25 judges for Sunday.

Even if you are located in other parts of the state be thinking of your contacts in the Santa Clara area who you might be able to encourage to sign up as a judge. We need help in reaching out to colleagues, friends, and family and inviting them to sign up as a volunteer judges. Have them sign up online at

Santa Clara Convention Center

As a reminder: ALL conference functions will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center (sessions, testing, workshops, competitive events, elections, meetings, etc.). We will not have any official conference functions at either the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara or the Santa Clara Marriott.

Hotel Confirmations

All chapters should have received hotel confirmation numbers. If you have not yet received your hotel confirmation numbers please reach out to [email protected] right away.

No Changes

As mentioned previously onsite changes to competitive events will not be allowed. Each chapter has received a copy of their competitor confirmations in PDF format via email (if you have not received your please let us know right away). Please print these and post them in your classroom or otherwise distribute them to your students so that they can confirm that their registrations are correct. Any needed corrections must be communicated prior to the conference via email to [email protected]. Please emphasize to your students: we will not be able to make changes on site at the conference. They must carefully review their event selections and any needed corrections must be made prior to the conference. No students will be permitted in Conference Headquarters/Tabulations during the conference. Signs will be posted accordingly.


Event management assignments were distributed via email last week. Please carefully review the assignments. Each chapter is responsible for filling their assigned roles. If you have an alumni/chaperone who was assigned to a specific event and they are unable to fulfill that assignment please reassign that role to another adult from your chapter.

Remind 101

We will be using Remind 101 for communication and updates during the State Conference. This is for ADVISORS only. The State Management Team will only use it to push out updates and important reminders during the conference as well as any critical information that needs to be distributed. This is not for student use. You should have received a text message that looks likePlease respond “YES” to the text to accept the invite so that we can include you in our conference updates.

Sponsored Events

Some of the events at the State Conference were sponsored and provide travel scholarships (that can ONLY be used for ICDC) to the top three places. The attached document explains which events, the amounts of the travel scholarships and how they work.

Conference Security

We will have private security on site at the hotels around the clock, along the walking route between the Santa Clara Marriott and the Santa Clara Convention Center in the evenings and at the Convention Center during general sessions. There will be a guard presence around the clock at the hotels with an increased number of guards each evening at the hotels to assist with curfew enforcement. Additionally, each evening (Friday Night, Saturday Night and Sunday Night) from sunset to curfew we will have two uniformed Santa Clara Police Officers patrolling the walking route between the Santa Clara Marriott and the Santa Clara Convention Center.


As was the case last year we have developed a detailed Advisor Guide for the State Conference which we call: The Navigator. Note that this an interactive document where you can click on various conference elements to get more details. We will not print hard copies due to the interactive nature of the document. We encourage all advisors to download the Navigator and check it out:

The full Navigator is here:

Convention Center Food

The Convention Center will be opening a Food Court in the Main Lobby of the Convention Center during the hours of 10:00am – 2:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. Note the foot court may close earlier or later based on the level of business.

Drawstring Bags

As was the case the last time we were in Santa Clara each attendee will receive a drawstring bag with their registration materials. The intent is for them to use these to help with walking shoes/dress shoes (wear walking shoes between the hotel and venue, carry dress shoes in the drawstring bag, and then switch into dress shoes for competition).

Shuttle Buses

We will be adding a limited shuttle service between the Santa Clara Marriott and the Santa Clara Convention Center for Saturday and Sunday competitive events only (there will be no bus service for the general sessions and no bus service for testing). We’ll talk more at the advisor meeting on Friday evening regarding the costs and constraints of bus service and why we were able to add a limited service to Saturday and Sunday. Students wishing to take advantage of the bus service on Saturday and Sunday must plan to be at the bus stop at least one hour before they need to be at their destination. Bus delays will not be a valid excuse for being late to their competitions.

Again, NO BUSES Friday. NO BUSES Monday. NO BUSES for the general sessions.

For clarity, here are the bus schedules:

Friday, February 28th


Saturday, February 29th

7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – four buses on a constant loop between Santa Clara Marriott and Santa Clara Convention Center

NO BUSES for the General Session on Saturday Evening (busses will stop running at 5:00 p.m. sharp)

Sunday, March 1st

7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. – four buses on a constant loop between Santa Clara Marriott and Santa Clara Convention Center

NO BUSES for the Recognition Session on Sunday Evening (busses will stop running at 3:00 p.m. sharp)

Monday, March 2nd

NO BUSES for the Grand Awards Session


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