State Conference Update #1

State Conference Update #1

State Conference Registration Email
If you have not yet done so, be sure to carefully review the email sent December 9, 2019 with subject line “State Conference Registration Materials”. That email contains valuable and important information for the State Conference. Let me know right away if you did not receive it.

Conference Registration Reminder
As a reminder; the State Conference Registration Deadline is next week on January 30, 2020.

Written Event Submission Deadline Reminder:
The Written Event Submission Deadline is: February 6, 2020. Complete instructions and details are included in the conference registration materials posted on the California DECA Website.

Dress Code Reminder
Please remind your students of the Conference Dress Code which is included in Form C. Please take note of the following clarification on the first bullet under “Acceptable Business Attire”: At the State Conference a DECA Blazer is encouraged, but not required. At ICDC the DECA Blazer is required when appearing before a judge or going on stage. In addition to the rest of the dress code requirements; A student MUST have one of the following to go on stage at the State Conference: Business suit, dress sweater, sport coat, or blazer (the official DECA Blazer is optional at Districts & State).

The Navigator is a digital, interactive document with templates and information that can be used for planning and organizing your trip to SCDC. From communicating information to parents to meeting agendas and lessons taught along the way, this is an excellent resource to SAVE YOU TIME AND ENERGY. Keep in mind that it is digital in format and not meant to be printed. Coming on February 10th will be an interactive conference schedule with pop up icons throughout that will increase clarity and provide awareness of what to expect onsite at SCDC. Released in time for parent and student meetings!

Alumni Years of Service
NEW for 2020 and beyond: We will recognize our Alumni for their years of service. This will be in addition to the recognition we provide for our annual Alumni of the Year. All alumni are eligible to be recognized, but to be eligible Advisors must fill out a quick form so we have the alumni’s information. Please Complete the form at the link below to register your alumni to be recognized for "Years of Service". Please only include those that are actively involved with your Chapter. We have designed this program to recognize those that continue to help grow and support our local DECA Chapters. This award is not intended for every graduated member, but rather to recognize those alumni who come back and volunteer at the Chapter, District, and/or State Level after graduation. We will recognize alumni on stage with lapel pins for significant milestones (e.g. 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 years of service and so on) similar to the advisor years of service award provided by DECA.

Years of Service Recognition Link:


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