ICDC Registration Materials

ICDC Registration Materials

The registration materials for the 2020 International Career Development Conference have been finalized. Just below is a Dropbox link to access the forms. They are also be posted to the California DECA website under Conferences -> International Career Development Conference.

Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x2c97cdfwpcsl79/AABimeikOP1rVFzz9SurBitTa?dl=0

We have separated out the various required forms from the packet to make it easier to complete and submit the forms. The first document you will want to open and review is the “2020 - ICDC Registration Packet” This document contains all of the instructions and information for the conference. Please carefully review the details/information on pages 22-31. This contains California specific policies and procedures related to ICDC as well as the registration procedures. Costs are included on page 23 of the PDF.

As a reminder all forms must be EMAILED. Do not hand print on the forms and please do not fax or scan the forms. Please do not send pictures of forms you’ve taken with your phone. Save the file to your computer. Type directly into the file and save it and then email the form by the stated deadline on the form.

Please carefully review the deadlines included in the ICDC Registration. The first deadline is the Intent to Compete deadline and it is March 4, 2020. Students/Teams who place First, Second, Third or Fourth in Principles, Team Decision Making, Personal Financial Literacy or Team Decision Making events qualify for ICDC. Students who placed First, Second, Third or Fourth in Written Events also qualify to attend ICDC. If your student places in one of these positions and intends to compete in that event at ICDC you should indicate this by placing their name/event via Form A NO LATER than 5PM on March 4, 2020. We are asking that you indicate the intent to compete for students placing in the Top 10 of each event in case a top finisher chooses not to attend. We’ll automatically bump down to the next student in line in the event who is included on their respective chapter’s intent to compete form. While it rarely occurs, we have gone down as far as 10th place to fill event slots because multiple students placing higher in the event chose not to attend.

The Intent to Compete is a binding process. If a student’s name is on your form they are expected to attend, if their name is not on the form they are assumed to have chosen to not attend ICDC, their position will be forfeited, and we will move to the next student in line until we fill all of our competitive slots for ICDC. Please do not include names on your Intent to Compete form of students who are not serious about going to ICDC.

There are no exceptions to this rule so please talk to your students, have them talk to parents/guardians to determine if they will attend ICDC. Students who did not qualify as a competitor can still attend ICDC if they are selected for one of the Ignite/Elevate/Aspire/Voting Delegate slots. The deadline to apply for these slots is also March 4, 2020 and you need to fill out and submit Form B for them to apply for the Leadership Slots.

Note that students can only participate in one thing at ICDC (e.g. they cannot compete and participate in a Leadership Academy). You should submit leadership applications for all students outside of the top four who want to attend ICDC as a leadership delegate if they are unable to attend in competition. If they bump up in competition they will attend as a competitor and their leadership application will be set aside. Students not placing in the Top 10 are equally encouraged to apply for leadership slots if they would like to attend ICDC.

Again, these dates are immovable and no exceptions will be made. If you have any questions about how this process works please call me. I’m here to help so please let me know how I can help.


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