Competitive Event Assignments for CA DECA SCDC

Competitive Event Assignments for CA DECA SCDC

Please find attached the Competitive Event Administration Assignments for the State Conference. It is sorted in order by chapter name. Each advisor is responsible for communicating this information to the respective parties from their chapter (e.g. alumni and chaperones).

As a reminder there is an event administrator meeting on Friday evening for all advisors working Saturday events (Individual Series, Principles, Personal Financial Literacy and Team Decision Making). This is a required meeting and dinner will be provided. There is an event administrator meeting on Saturday for all advisors working Saturday events (the Written Events). This is a required meeting and lunch will be provided.

Also attached are the Event Director Instructions for each group of events (you only need to review the instructions for your event group). We’ve also included the Event Administrator Checklist so that you can familiarize yourself with it prior to conference.

In the Event Assignments document there is a column for each day that outlines your responsibilities on that day. The time commitment for that particular assignment is listed at the top of the page.

We will need chaperones to assist with event check in on Saturday for Series Events because all of our alumni will either be running events that day or in with the written event administrators meeting. Please send all available chaperones down to assist with check-in on Saturday.

If you would like to change your shift you are welcome to do it, but you must contact the advisor that you want to trade with and take care of all of the logistics between the two of you. Please do not call/email me to request a change. You are responsible for coordinating that with the other advisors. Please drop me an email once you and the other advisor have agreed to the trade and I’ll update the document.


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